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Instrumentation Progressive Measurement & Control have the Instrumentation that you need to define the art and science of measurement and control systems.

This instrument is a device that measures and/or regulates physical quantity/process variables such as flow, temperature, level, or pressure. Instruments often comprise control systems of varied processes such as refineries, factories, and vehicles. The control of processes is one of the main branches of applied instrumentation. You can get all this easy going instrumentation by Progressive Measurement & Control to take care of unique needs.


  • Instrumentation for boilers steam generators.
  • Control instrumentation quality.
  • Control room instrumentation.
  • Flow control instrumentation.
  • Level instrumentation ethernet.

Control Systems

Progressive Measurement & Control is proud to name that they use JUMO a quality manufacturer that offers the widest selection of control system equipment worldwide. This control systems helps you in so many different requirements, the customer can choose any one that can helps do the job right and control the system you want to control.

Flow Meters

Progressive Measurement & Control have a wide range of portable and fixed products to suit almost any liquid flow requirement. Combine one of our flow meters with a heat calculator and you have an energy meter that will help control your energy costs. From process control with the Portaflow D550 portable doppler flow meter, to water management using the Ultraflo 3000 ultrasonic transit time flow meter, Progressive Measurement & Control extensive Micronics flow products cover a wide spectrum of flow monitoring applications. Let Progressive Measurement & Control’s experienced instrumentation team help you find the best fixed clamp on flow meter or portable liquid measurement instrument solutions.


Indicators Progressive Measurement & Control has Pressure transmitters/level indicators that provide extremely accurate continuous tank level Indicatorsindication with a 4-20ma output. These sensors are made of 316 stainless steel housings that are sealed and rated submersible. Ultrasonic transmitters/ level indicators use a sound wave to provide extremely accurate continuous tank level indication with various outputs available. These sensors are made of stainless steel housings that are rated Nema 4X submersible. Progressive Measurement & Control have different kind of level Indicators to help you get the right reading.



Transmitters Progressive Measurement & Control have a line of quality pressure transmitters including the PT-30 Series submersible transmitters, the PT-40 Series external pressure transmitters, and the PT-90 Series pressure transmitters for sludge and high solid liquids. These rugged pressure cells are suitable in a Transmitterswide range of level gauging applications from seawater to jet fuel.

Progressive Measurement & Control’s pressure transmitters are made from the finest materials available incorporating advancements in aerospace engineering. This Transmitters is excellent for marine and land-based applications including fresh water, fuel oil, heated fuel oil, and inert gas pressure, all the models are available in both absolute and gauge versions to suit your specific needs.

SANAS Calibration

We offer accredited calibration services you can trust for accuracy and consistency, we calibrate almost all test and measurement equipment used in industry, includes: Direct Current – Low Frequency Metrology (DC-LF), Temperature Metrology, Humidity Metrology, Torque Metrology, Pressure Metrology, Mass Metrology and Volume Metrology, We are driven by ONE objective: 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Progressive Measurement & Control Services

After sales services and back-up is just as important to PMC as making the initial sale. Progressive Measurement and Control prides itself on understanding our customers’ needs, supplying the correct equipment for the application and thereafter supporting the products.

Progressive Measurement and Control has agencies for the supply of instrumentation for the measurement and control of:

  • Gas/Liquid flow
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Level
  • Liquid/Gas analysis
  • Humidity / dewpoint
  • Position
  • Paint / coating
  • Thickness
  • Metal thickness
  • Speed / vibration

These include: Sensors, transmitters, switches, indicators, controllers, recorders, data acquisition and petitioners.

Plus: Test and calibration instruments and recorder accessories e.g. pens and charts.